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MRSA infections are spreading more commonly in the community - even among healthy children and adults. Since MRSA is easily spread in close quarters, childcare centers may be especially vulnerable to the spread of MRSA.

While MRSA is usually spread by skin-to-skin contact, it may also spread through contact with personal items, like toys or blankets, which have been contaminated with the bacteria and then shared with other children. This is why it is crucial for childcare centers to take these simple steps to help reduce the spread of MRSA:

  • Scrub up - Encourage children and staff members to wash hands for at least 15 seconds by singing "Happy Birthday" twice. Use an alcohol-based hand rub sanitizer. For more tips on effective hand washing, download the STOP MRSA Now Playbook.
  • Wipe it down - Use a bleach solution to disinfect hard surfaces, including tabletops, doorknobs, and light switches. To learn how to make a disinfecting bleach solution, download the STOP MRSA Now Playbook. (1 tablespoon of disinfecting bleach diluted in 1 quart of water)
  • Cover your cuts - Cover any cuts or wounds with a clean, dry bandage until they heal.
  • Keep to yourself - Encourage kids to keep their personal items separate from other children's items.
  • Play nice - Clean and sanitize toys that come in contact with children's mouths before they are passed on to other children.

Childcare providers: You should notify parents of any suspected MRSA infections.

Parents: If you suspect that your child has a MRSA infection, you should contact a licensed health care professional, especially if the infection is large, painful, warm to the touch, or does not heal by itself.

To learn more about how to help reduce the spread of MRSA in childcare centers, download the STOP MRSA Now Playbook.