Meet Grant Hill
Grant Hill

Grant Hill, seven-time NBA all-star, knows first-hand the dangers of MRSA. In 2003, he developed an MRSA infection on his ankle and experienced a high-grade fever and convulsions, before fully recovering six months later.

"When I was diagnosed with an MRSA infection, it was hard to get information about the illness or even how to help prevent the spread of it," says Grant. "This infection is becoming an issue in community settings across the country and that is why, as an athlete and a father, I have joined STOP MRSA Now to offer a playbook on prevention so that everyone can get in the game to help reduce the spread of MRSA."

Grant joins the other members of STOP MRSA Now to educate community members on how they can help reduce the spread of MRSA through practical steps.

Watch Grant's public service announcement about MRSA.

Download the free STOP MRSA Now Playbook.